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My blog was set up to bring to you the very latest news on scientific and technological advance, and all of the fascinating gadgetry that comes with it. I am an avid enthusiast of the amazing creations that seem to pop into our world each and every day, all tasked with trying to assist or improve us in some way or other, so I thought I’d put word out there for others to become aware of them and, hopefully, derive enjoyment from learning about them.

I am a keen writer who prides himself on clear, precise and effective use of the English language, as I think my readership should be treated to a quality experience at every point. I believe that this attention to detail is what can set Techshines apart from other blogs that really do not pay enough attention to their grammar!

I try to find new things to write about each day, in order to keep my readers engaged and attracted to visiting the site, but as there are others who write in the same sphere and on many of the same topics, it is not always easy to provide purely original content. However, what is original and unique about Techshines is the quality of the experience – I will not publish simply for the sake of it, and quality trumps quantity at every stage.

It is early days for Techshines, though it is not my only site, but I would like to think that it can, someday, become something of a go-to for those interested in learning about our technology-focussed world, so I welcome my readership’s input into what they may believe I could do better, or what I should offer in addition to the articles. As things stand, I will, in the future, include tutorials, reviews and tips, but I am driven very strongly by what my readers want too, so please make contact to become more engaged and involved in this community.

By navigating the Techshines site, you will become aware of advertisements for various domain and web-hosting companies. I have selected these enterprises to be shown, as each has, at some stage over the past 10 years of my creating websites and my online content, been a key player in helping me to do so. I can personally vouch for each in terms of their high standard of both product and customer service, and I continue to use them all to this day. If you are keen to create web-content and an online presence, these advertisers would be my recommended choices, and I hope to include reviews to express in more detail as to why I say this, over the coming weeks and months.

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